Dryer Vent Cleaning

Experience our "Handyman Certified" touchless dryer vent cleaning services. Our handymen are trained on how to properly clean your dryer and dryer vents with our Air-Powered-Cleaning-System.

Our dryer vent cleaning services:

Service 1:

Residential single unit exterior vent cleaning service $99

Dryer vent cleaning is done with outside access. A skipper ball is inserted into the outside dryer vent and moves down the duct, spinning and pushing everything in its path to the outside. The skipper ball works its way through the ducting, up to the flex duct at the dryer.

Homeowners do not have to be home, therefore making for easy online booking and servicing of the dryer vent.

It cannot be done if a lint trap or booster fan is installed mid ducting. We can't guarantee that all lint will be removed from the flex hose at the dryer.

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Service 2:

Dryer + Dryer Vent cleaning service $175

The flexible duct is disconnected from the dryer; then, a blower is attached. Skipper ball is inserted from outside, working its way loosening debris in its path, pushing everything to the outside. The dryer itself is cleaned along with venting behind the dryer.

Very effective cleaning of all parts of the dryer and dryer venting system. We can guarantee that all exhaust systems, lint traps, and booster fan if installed, will all be cleaned along with the dryer itself

Access required to the laundry room
Access to the laundry room has to be provided. The dryer has to be moved. A homeowner or manager must be present.

Important note By cleaning the dryer and dryer vent together, we can clean the vent inside the dryer, check all the connections, change hoses and do repairs if required at an additional fee.

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Additional health benefits of a clean dryer and dryer vent system.

Did you know that a load from your washer after it has completed its spin cycle contains roughly one gallon (4 litres) of water? If your dryer vent is partially clogged, the steam from drying will stay inside your vent line. This causes lint to mix with the water to form a paste that will stick to the sides of the vent line. This scenario is a perfect growing condition for mold and mildew. This can cause irritated eyes, lots of headaches, always tired, rashes, sinus issues, breathing difficulties, sore throat and coughing.

If you wash and dry more than four loads of clothes a week or a lot of blankets and towels, you should have your vent done two times a year.

Did you know?

Common causes of dryer fires are the failure to do thorough cleanings. The lint trap is not able to catch all the lint from your clothes. Lint can build up faster than you think and catch on fire in the heating element or exhaust duct.

  • Dryer fires are responsible for, on average, nine deaths, 420 civilian injuries, and $222 million in property damage annually.
  • Be aware and informed of the following warning signs, or you could be at risk of a dryer-fire.

Have you experienced any of these dryer symptoms? You should call us!

  • A burning smell in the laundry room
  • Humidity in the laundry room
  • The exterior of your dryer is hot
  • Your clothes are warmer than usual when you take them out of the dryer
  • Drying your clothes take longer than usual (or they don't dry thoroughly)
  • Your outdoor dryer vent doesn't open fully when your dryer is running (this could mean the exhaust isn't coming out fast enough because of a clog)

Some dryer do's

  • Your dryer should be installed by a professional (venting hoses and connections).
  • Ensure that the correct plug and outlet is used for your dryer
  • Make yourself comfortable and aware of the manufacturer's information and manual.forable and aware 

Some dryer do not's

  • Never use a dryer that does not have a lint trap
  • Overloading a dryer is not only more costly and less effective but can cause excessive heat in the dryer
  • Don't use a wire screen or cloth to cover the wall damper. They can collect lint and clog the dryer vent.
  • Don't dry anything containing foam, rubber or plastic. An example of an item not to place in a dryer is a bathroom rug with a rubber backing.
  • Don't dry any item for which manufacturers' instructions state, "dry away from heat."
  • Don't dry items that have come into contact with anything flammable like alcohol, cooking oils or gasoline. Dry them outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, away from heat.
  • Don't leave a clothes dryer running if you leave home or when you go to bed.

Dryer and dryer vent maintenance

  • Ensure venting and connections behind your dryer are not damaged
  • Ensure to exterior vent has a cover on it to prevent weather damage and critters entering the vent.
  • When the dryer is on the vent on the outside of your home should be pushed open by the pressure of the airflow
  • Replace foil or plastic venting with a rigid metal ducting
  • Gas-powered dryers should be inspected every year to ensure that the gas lines/connection are free of leaks
  • Make sure vents are clear of apparent blockages
  • There should be no combustibles near a dryer
  • Do not run your dryer while you are not at home

Cleaning recommendations

  • Lint filter must be cleaned before each use. Clean behind the dryer as lint can build up there as well.  
  • Use a nylon brush to scrub the lint filter every six months to ensure it is not clogged
  • The pipe connecting to your vent and dryer should be cleaned every three months.
  • Use our 403Handyman dryer vent cleaning system to have your dryer and vent cleaned professionally every six months.

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